Apolloline Shipping Service is an International Freight Forwarding & Movers company head quartered in Dhaka & branch office in port city Chottogram, Bangladesh. Apolloline is a one of the leading freight forwarding & logistics company in Bangladesh providing ocean freight service, air freight service, personal effect service with customs cleaning service professionally.

Established in 2007, the company initially specialized in sea-air freight to/from USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. We are experienced in handling iso tank container, flexi tank container, new and old machines, special equipment's, garments, jute, leather goods, pp bag, medicine, potato, fresh vegetable, live crape, ile fish, tea & temperature controlled shipments etc.

Apolloline team is a more experience, dynamic, energetic & professional. Our team consists of people who are professionals dedicated to providing service of the highest quality with each of the divisional directors working alongside operational personnel on a daily basis. As proof of the company’s commitment to quality of service. Apolloline a growing steadily and remarkably in strict mark.


Our purpose is to establish psychological proximity of our customer with their customers constantly. We strive to build relationship based on mutual trust, respect and transparency.
Delivering trust at your doorsteps compressing the world map through pro-activeness, innovation, commitment and service excellence, to lead in becoming one-stop-shop for all your logistical needs...

Our Philosophy
We want our satisfied customers to be our first line of advertisement.
Goals and Objectives
Our focus would be to spread the vicinity of our well trusted brand values globally by enhancing our goodwill and reputation. We will acquire cutting edge technology to better adapt to the constant change in the industry. We will reassert our identity as “system driven” organization. We make sure to organize and circulate information to ease the pressure of the entire supply chain connected to us.
Corporate Governance Philosophy
We associate ourselves with all our stakeholders in a transparent and just manner. We ensure to, not only adhere to the legal standards, but also to the ethical and moral standards of business.


The Challenges
Time-sensitive shipment. Special equipment was difficult to acquire because of peak season for grapes. The movement consisted of various containers to different countries, thus proper tracking was to be maintained with PO, shipper invoice details and other shipment details. Consistency of prescribed temperature throughout the supply chain was to be ensured

Our Solutions
Just-in-time delivery was ensured; we were in close co-ordination with the consignee and monitored the cargo movement at every step, including warehousing, loading, unloading etc. The nature and characteristics of the cargoes were studied carefully and accordingly special handling equipment’s and vehicles were arranged. A proper strategy was designed to execute delivery within the timeframes- managing inventory, order processing, providing superior pick pack and shipping. We offered vehicles at short notices ensuring quality of vehicles, specifications. Log book was maintained with temperature records at regular interval and other details of the cargo.
Balance of cost and good service level was ensured, which helped attain customer satisfaction.


Mr. Shams Uddin Ahmed


Ms. Asmin Akter Tonny


Ms. Lipi Akter


Mr. Rakibul hasan

Commercial Manager